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NYC Resources to Help You in Your Job Search

Looking for a new career? These New York City resources can help you find one!

July 27, 2016 | HF Healthy Living Team

If you need a new job, want to change your career path, or are just starting out on the job market, you’re in luck! These New York City-based classes, career centers, and online tools can help you find a job, prepare your resume, and ace your next interview.

If you’re out of work or have been laid off, you can find out if you’re eligible for Unemployment Insurance here. You can also find out how to file for unemployment and submit a claim.

Career Coaching

Need some advice on planning your next career move?

Schedule a free 50-minute career coaching session with a Job Coach at the New York Public Library! Find out how to make an appointment here.

You can also visit one of New York City’s career centers, where a career advisor can work with you to plan for your future and help you decide whether you want to go back to school or start looking for your dream job now. If you don’t know yet what job is right for you, your career advisor can also talk with you about your interests, what you want to do, and how to get any specific training or education you might need.

Some jobs require special certifications or licensing. Go here to learn more about these requirements.

Job Searches

Ready to start looking for a job? These online job search tools make it easy.

Find careers in public service and learn more about qualifying exams at the City of New York’s jobs site. Find additional jobs at government agencies here.

Visit the New York State Job Bank to see open positions in New York State and post your resume so that employers can find you.

JobZone, from the New York State Department of Labor, and Workforce1, from the City of New York, can help you find jobs to apply for and connect you to more resources if you need more training or services.

My Next Move and My Skills My Future allow you to search for jobs based on your skills, experience, and goals.

Getting the Job

Ready to begin applying? Make sure you get your best start—be prepared!

The New York Public Library offers classes for jobseekers on resume writing, interview prep, and more to help you stand out and get hired. For a full list of free classes and programs, go here, or search for the ones that are a best fit for you.

Learn more about what to do and not do during your interview with these tips and practice questions. Brush up on your rights as a jobseeker and find out what your interviewer can and can’t ask you here.

Remember that once you start working, your rights as an employee are protected by law and you may be eligible for paid sick leave and wage rights as well as overtime pay.

Are you new to New York City and looking for more resources to get your best start? We have them here. Finished with school and wondering what to do next? Get more information here.


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