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Why You Should Join a Community Garden in NYC

Joining a community garden can be fun for the whole family. Find out some key reasons you might want to find a community garden in NYC near you now!

June 19, 2017 | HF Healthy Living Team

There are currently more than 600 community gardens in NYC, and one of the many perks is, anyone can join. There are also many community events, programs, projects, and more to take advantage of.

Check out why it could be beneficial for you and your family’s overall health and well-being to get involved in a community garden.

Share a Positive Experience with Your Kids

Taking a trip to a community garden with your children can help them learn more about gardening, composting, recycling, and more ways to get involved in the community. Learning about these green spaces can have a positive effect on how your kids view food, and even the effort they put into their communities. Positive social role modeling has been proven to be an effective approach to encouraging healthier diets in children, according to the National Institutes of Health.

If your kids get restless this summer, check out some of these tips to help cure boredom and stay healthy too.

Summer Activities for Kids
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Take Advantage of GrowNYC’s Programs

GrowNYC provides ways for New Yorkers to get involved in sustainability, teaching programs, and more. Through free tools and services, they strive to help communities build stronger and healthier relationships, while improving the environment.

Take a trip to Governors Island to join a tour, plant a garden, or enjoy a nutrition workshop. They also have school garden programs like Grow to Learn NYC, environmental education projects, and their famous gardening program. Whether you want to start a garden in your neighborhood, spruce up your garden, visit or simply support one, GrowNYC has you covered.

Community Garden Activity for Kids
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Enjoy a Free Community Garden Event

Community gardens are not only there for esthetic reasons. There are plenty of events that take place to improve the spirit of the community, encourage creativity, and help you enjoy the space with your family. You can practice your stretching and breathing with free yoga classes or involve the kids in some artistic expression at an arts and crafts class. Check out some of the upcoming Green Thumb community garden events here.

If you’re interested in joining, starting, or volunteering at a community garden near you, check out how to get involved with a Green Thumb space here.


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