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Random Acts of Kindness Week

In honor of Random Acts of Kindness Week, check out these simple acts and activities that you can do to encourage a coworker or friend, help a neighbor in need, clean up your environment, and more.

February 18, 2020 | HF Healthy Living Team

February 16-23 is Random Acts of Kindness Week. There are so many ways you can do a simple, kind deed—none of which cost a dime—just a bit of your time. The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation website lists numerous things you can do, not only during this week, but during the entire year. Their site is chockfull of resources (plus has calendars) specifically designed for the home, workplace, and school.

The More You Do, The Better You Feel!

It’s true. When you help someone out, or make an effort to make someone feel better, you feel better! Check out the science here.

And, if you want to do even more than a kind act, read on to see how you can make a positive impact in your community.

Volunteer in Your Neighborhood

Do you have some free time to lend a helping hand in your neighborhood? Volunteering can be an easy way to connect with friends, family, and your community. And helping others can even help improve your health. In fact, those who volunteer benefit from a reduced risk of depression, disease, weight gain, and stress. Read on to learn how you can help.

Drop off Old Clothes

Do you have old clothes hanging around in your closet? Put them to good use by finding a clothing drop off location in NYC. Click the link to see exactly what items or clothes are needed at certain locations, along with the website and contact information.

Grow NYC also has more drop off locations for their Greenmarket Clothing Collection initiative. Plus, check out how decluttering can improve your health and well-being as well.

Join Park or Beach Cleanup Groups

If you enjoy time in the park or at the beach, this might be the right choice for you. Check out this list of activities and park cleanups going on in NYC to help keep our parks clean. Or if you’d rather get to the beach, cleanups held by Waterfront Alliance are running until October this year. Learn more about how to get involved here.

Make a Care Package for the Homeless

Have an old backpack or bag lying around that you don’t use? Fill it with anything from granola bars, healthy food, socks, and reusable water bottles to gift certificates, hand wipes, and even feminine products. You can get some ideas for healthy on-the-go snacks to include here. Any little bit you have to spare can help someone in need for weeks.

Check in on Elderly Neighbors

Don’t have time to participate in one of the events above? Volunteering your time can be as simple as checking in on an elderly neighbor or friend. The extreme cold in the winder can make elderly people vulnerable to these temperatures. If you know someone who is alone, take a few minutes to check in on them this winter.


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The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. Accessed February 6, 2020.

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