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Five Tips to Help Your Child with Reading

Reading is important for a child’s overall development. Check out these tips to help your child enjoy reading and excel in school.

March 02, 2020 | HF Healthy Living Team

Reading is very important to your child’s development. It can help improve memory, concentration, and much more—just to name some of the reasons.

If you’re looking for ways to help your child with reading, or to make reading a bigger part of his or her life, click the photos below to learn more.

Take a Trip
to the Local Library


Find a local library near you and make a day of it. Let your children pick their favorite books to bring home. Plus, most local libraries in New York are free. Find your local library here.


Reward Reading


Set goals for how often or how much your children should read. When they meet those goals, treat them to something like a sleepover with friends or a movie night. You can even take them places to make reading even more exciting, like a book expo.


Make Reading Fun


Studies have shown that children learn better when they’re having fun. Social interaction when reading to your child helps. Try to change your voice with each character, explain the pictures, or have your child draw their own pictures for the story.


Let Them See
You Reading


Observation is a powerful learning tool for children. Seeing you read and write is healthy for their growth and development.


It’s Never Too
Early to Start


Toddlers and older children will absorb more, but babies too love to hear your voice when you’re reading. You can look at board books for children ages newborn to three, and at picture or novelty books for ages three to eight.


Check out some reading programs and places to get free books near you to get started!


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