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Five Easy Ways to Beat the Heat in NYC

Walking outside without breaking a sweat can be tricky this time of year. Check out some no-cost, fun options to beat the heat this summer!

August 01, 2016 | HF Healthy Living Team

Are you sick and tired of the heat? We have some simple and effective ways to get around it. Find out how to stay cool, safe, and have some no-cost fun!

Stay Calm, “Cool,” and Collected

Try some of the following to avoid illnesses caused by heat stress (like heat stroke, exhaustion, cramps, and rashes):

  • Wear loose-fitting, light clothing and avoid excessive strenuous activity.
  • Older individuals and those more vulnerable to heat should stay out of the sun when the temperature is 95 degrees and over.
  • But don’t forget the SPF when there is no way around it. (Find out your sun safety IQ for some helpful tips!)
  • Find a cooling center near you or spend time at a public place with fans or air conditioning to catch your breath.

Cool Off at a Fire Hydrant

Fire Hydrants
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Head to a fire hydrant, but make sure you use free, city-approved spray caps, which release much less water but still plenty enough to do the job. Adults age 18 and over can get them at any NYC firehouse. And never open hydrants by yourself. You could face up to $1,000 in fines and imprisonment for doing so.

Find Alternative Ways to Work Out

Public Pool
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Just because it’s hot doesn’t mean it’s time to skip out on necessary exercise. Change up your routine and take advantage of the pools and beaches near you.

There are a number of pools in the five boroughs, and some are even free! All beaches in NYC are also free, or you can even head to Luna Park in Coney Island to cool off at the water park!

Mind Your Eating Habits

Always keep a balanced diet, even if you don’t feel hungry or feel too hot to eat. Your body needs the energy from the minerals and vitamins in healthy foods.

Eat for the heat by eating small meals more often, and try to avoid using the oven. Check out some free healthy meals at pools, parks, and more, available for ages 18 and under.

Stay Hydrated

Carry water on you if you’re traveling around the city, especially in the subway, as it tends to get much hotter in the subway stations. Staying hydrated is crucial. Avoid drinks with caffeine or alcohol, or anything with excess sugar.

You can try juices like watermelon, cucumber, pomegranate, or others with a high percentage of water to reduce body heat as well. Find some fresh fruit at your local farmers’ markets!

Juices should never be used to replace water. You should drink more water than normal when extreme heat hits. Be sure to drink at least two to four cups of water every hour while working or in direct heat.

Don’t let the heat get to you this summer. Try some of these options and stay as cool as you possibly can.


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