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Best Places to Go Sledding in New York City Parks

If you’re ever feeling snowed in this winter and want to get the kids outside for some fresh air and fun, we’ve got tips on where to go sledding in New York City.

January 28, 2020 | HF Healthy Living Team

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of coasting down a snowy hillside! Whether it’s the weekend or a snow day off from school, you and your kids can enjoy sledding in New York City.

The Bronx

Claremont Park
At 172nd Street, between Teller and Clay Avenues

Crotona Park
Slope behind ball field #3, at Fulton Avenue and Cross Bronx Expressway

Ewen Park
West 232nd Street, between Johnson and Riverdale Avenues

Franz Sigel Park
Inside the park at 160th, between Grand Concourse and Walton Avenue

Shoelace Park
Between 220th and 230th Streets, along Bronx Boulevard


Fort Greene Park
Interior of the park, at Willoughby Avenue

Highland Park
Highland Boulevard and Jamaica Avenue

Lincoln Terrace Park
Between Buffalo and Rochester Avenues, adjacent to the Eastern Parkway service road

McKinley Park
Fort Hamilton Parkway and 75th Street

Prospect Park
Near the Tennis House, at Prospect Park West and 9th Street

Shore Road Park
Shore Road and 97th Street

Sunset Park
Inside the park, between 42nd and 43rd Streets


Carl Schurz Park
89th Street, north of Gracie Mansion off of East End Avenue

Central Park
Pilgrim Hill (72nd Street and Fifth Avenue, south of the water conservatory)

Fort Tryon Park
Billings Lawn (enter the park from its southern end on Margaret Corbin Circle, where Cabrini Boulevard and Fort Washington Avenue converge)

Highbridge Park
Near the ball field by 174th Street

Morningside Park
110th Street; 113th Street and Morningside Avenue; 122nd Street and Morningside Avenue

St. Nicholas Park
135th Street


Astoria Park
19th Street, between Astoria Park South and Ditmars Boulevard

Bowne Park
155th Street

Crocheron Park
35th Avenue, across from Golden Pond

Forest Park
Mary Whelan Playground, at 79th Street and Park Lane South

Juniper Valley Park
Juniper Boulevard North and South, near the Tennis Building at 75th Street

Kissena Park
Eastside of Kissena Lake, at Metcalf and 164th Streets

Staten Island

Clove Lakes Park
Martling and Slosson Avenues

Sledding Safety

Everyone can enjoy sledding when these simple safety rules are followed.

Use the Right Sled. Get a sled you can steer or stop (something with a braking system), as it will help you stay safer than a sled made from something you can’t control as well—such as a garbage can lid, lunch tray, or cardboard box.

Pick the Right Spot to Sled. The best hills to sled are ones that aren’t too steep, so that you can glide to a stop naturally. You should avoid any hills that end near a street or near a dangerous object, like a tree, fence, or pond.

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Other Sledding Safety Tips.

  • Always sled in the daytime so you can see obstacles in your path.
  • Sit up and face forward on the sled, not face-first (on your stomach). Never sled backward.
  • Keep arms and legs in the sled at all times.
  • Never ride in a sled that’s being pulled by a moving vehicle.

Looking to do more than sledding? Take a drive to upstate New York, where you’ll find plenty of outdoor and indoor activities, plus more sledding adventures! .


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